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Every student will get their Student Pilot License and then followed by Private Pilot License. A full Private Pilot License (PPL) requires a minimum of 45 hours of flying. However, most students complete at least 50 hours before being eligible for their flight test. A large number of students qualify to do their first solo after having completed 10 to 15 hours of flying lessons. Each flying lesson typically lasts about 45 minutes.

Your instructors will usually give you a briefing before the flight to enlighten you on what to expect and most importantly what is required of you. You must log every flight. Your flying instructor will provide you with a pilot’s logbook to record the date of each flight, the aircraft type and registration, the name of your instructor, flight duration and flight location.

You can take your flying lessons as frequently as time and finances allow but it is advisable to plan for regular sessions. One lesson every week or 10 days will ensure cost effective training.

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Student Pilot License

Private Pilot License

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Private Pilot License

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