Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can I become a pilot if I wear spectacle/contact lens (do not have perfect eyesight)?
  • Yes, as long as you wear correctable lenses (spectacles or contact lenses). Unfortunately, you are not eligible if you exceed a certain level of color deficiency.

  • 2. What is the minimum age in order for me to enroll in PPL course?
  • Based on DCA Malaysia requirement, you need to be minimum 17 years old.

  • 3. What is the maximum age that will disqualify me to become pilot?
  • No retirement age for PPL as long as you pass your aviation medical exam, you can fly.

  • 4. How fast I can complete the PPL course?
  • Full Time: 4 to 6 months,
    Part time: 8 to 12 months

  • 5. I’m not available full time for PPL course, is weekend course is available?
  • Yes, weekend ground class and flying lesson is available. We are flexible on the schedule as long it is pre-arranged with assigned instructor.

  • 6. How much it will cost for PPL course?
  • PPL course will cost RM45,000 – RM48,000. Which include lifetime membership fees, Ground school, textbook, DCA/Legal registration, ground subject exam fees and 50 flying hours. The cost variation is due to some student may request additional flying hours to sharpen their skill before their flight test.

  • 7. Do I need to pay all in single payment before I can start flying?
  • Definitely No, progressive payment is available. Please do contact us for more details.

  • 8. Is it safe to fly small aircraft?
  • Yes, it is very safe. In fact, statically, it is one of the safest modes of transport. With proper training, flying can be as safe as the pilot want it to be. Furthermore, our Head of Training, Captain Siva Raman is a 747 Commander attached with commercial Airlines. Captain Siva has tremendous experience in flying, training and is highly respected by his industry peers. His course guideline and flight training SOP strictly promote pilot to operate in highest safety condition.

  • 9. What aircraft primarily I’ll be flying for the PPL course?
  • Our fleet consists of Cessna 150. All is available for flight training for PPL course. However, we do encourage student to learn using Cessna 150 due to several reasons:

    - Cessna 150, 2 seater (you and instructor) work perfectly as training aircraft.

  • 10. If I complete the PPL course with 2 seater aircraft, do I need to retake the whole course in order to fly 4 seater aircraft in the future?
  • Definitely No! Assuming you obtained your PPL with Cessna 150/152 (2 seater), you can just add additional aircraft type rating (eg: Piper PA28) by flying averagely 3 – 5 hours with certified instructor and obtain his/her endorsement.

  • 11. Why should I choose FAS Udara for my PPL (Private Pilot License)?
  • This going to be long list of why you should choose us… Below are the few:

    - We have pool of certified Instructors with F.I rating

    - Our rates are highly competitive with all flying clubs in the region.

    - Classes schedule are flexible, just have pre-schedule with respective instructor.

    - We have redundant, same type of trainer aircraft to ensure your PPL progress is not delayed.

    - We have dedicated team of flight operation officer that will:
      * Arrange and coordinate your flight training with respective instructor.
      * Ensure aircraft fuel is loaded as per required for your flight.
      * Perform daily aircraft inspection to ensure aircraft is ready.
      * To attend any request/enquiry regarding to flight operation.
      * Submit your flight plan, if you do cross-country flight.
      * Aircraft marshalling (What is this?)
      * In case you want to bring your guest to fly or during your first solo, they will prepare necessary document for hangar access to your guest.
      * Oh ya, they will also tow the aircraft from parking bay, so that when the time you and your guest on board into the cockpit, you are ready to put on your “look cool” sunglasses and request for “Engine Startup”.

    - Our basic yet exclusive Flight Operation Office facilities, shall give you and your guest more comfortable experience in flying club. For details, please read on next FAQ.

  • 12. What facilities do FAS Udara Flying Club has in place?
  • - We have a conducive flight operation office next to aircraft with facilities as below:
      * Pre/Post - Flight briefing room
      * Computer for club member to obtain weather observation reports.
      * Free Wifi for club members and guests
      * Air Band Radio receiver, so that pilot can listen and observe what is happening in the       sky before flight.
      * Comfortable sofa for your guest, while they are waiting you to do pre-flight check on         the aircraft.
      * Free flow of healthy drinks a.k.a mineral water, optionally; there is soft drink dispenser     machine within the hangar. Cheers...
      * And of course, our flight operation office is fully Air-Conditioned… Just in case you           ask.

    - Our Flight Operation Office, located at Sapura Aerodome Hanger which provide free parking and plenty of car park bays available. P/S no worry on receiving “Love Letter” from traffic police when you done your flight.

  • 13. How many instructors do you have? Is it all qualified?
  • Four qualified instructor with F.I rating.

  • 14. If I’m ready now, how soon I can start my PPL course?
  • As soon as you give us a call now. Contact us.

  • 15. I’m not sure if I really like flying, anyway for me to experience it first without enroll in full PPL course?
  • Hmmm… Are you sure that you are not sure? Come and try our Introductory Flight. This introductory flight gives you a sneak preview on safety measures and other related features when piloting the aircraft. The flight takes a good 30 minutes. In addition, we will explain the pre-flight inspection, have you help the pilot check the aircraft, then run through the checklists before we start the engine. No worry, it is only RM350, which will definitely kick start your burning desire to soar the sky.
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